Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a master’s degree in Exercise Science. She has a passion for helping others get healthy from the inside-out, which led her to launch a fitness ministry and business seven years ago called Motivated by More. She offers faith-based fitness classes multiple times a week, conducts a summer kids fitness program and offers one-on-one personal training. Most recently she added online wellness coaching which allows her to coach people across the United States. In addition, Mrs. Brown does public speaking and has led faith-based courses online and in person.


She and her husband were both born and raised in Macon County where community involvement is important to both of them. She currently serves on the Warrensburg Corn Festival Committee, the Obesity Prevention Coalition of Macon County and the Warrensburg-Latham Educational Foundation Board.


Mrs. Brown believes in the vision and the mission of the CEO program. As a college student she was unsure of what she wanted to be when she grew up. It wasn’t until a college counselor asked her the question: “What are you passionate about?” that led her to select exercise science as her major. That one question was a pivotal moment in determining the direction of her future and resulted in a clear vision and strong passion for her future.


The CEO program is designed to empower students to find their passion and learn the life skills needed to start and run a business, while exposing them to the leaders and opportunities within their community. Mrs. Brown is excited to have the opportunity to serve as the facilitator of the Central Illinois CEO program and will use her life experiences and business expertise to encourage and equip students to become successful entrepreneurs.