Max Stauffer

About Me

Max Stauffer lives in Clinton, Il. and is currently a Senior at Clinton High school. He is involved with school programs such as cross country, track, and takes part in the student body. When out of school he enjoys being with friends and family, more running, and is active with the Scouting Program. After High School Max plans to go into the Armed Services. Max hopes to learn valuable skills and have fun while in the CEO Program.






DISC Characteristics

  • Competitive best describes me. I make almost everything in life a competition to myself at least. I believe this makes me strive harder to be better.
  • Sociable, I like to meet new people and hear their stories.
  • Active best describes me. I always like to be involved in what I’m doing in an active manner.
  • I am orderly. Well it may be a weird order sometimes, I always like to have order in my sense so that things can move quickly and efficiently as possible.