Vince Baldassari

About Me

    My name is Vince Baldassari and I am a junior in the class of 2021 for Clinton High School. I’m a personable guy who can always find some way to start a conversation with anyone I’ve met.  I was in theater for a year and a half and now I’m in boys track and field. I worked at Monical’s Pizza and was trained in everything available at the restaurant. After highschool I plan on going to North Central College for International Business and International Marketing management. I would like to run an International Stock Firm later in my life after working worldwide for a corporation. The place you will most commonly find me is on the road. There really is nothing I enjoy more than a good road trip with my friends and family. Another personal and financial hobby of mine is to buy and flip items after lightly fixing them up. I joined CEO so that I could learn more about business in a setting made for it while meeting similar minded people.






DISC Characteristics

  • Driving, Daring, Determined, Inquisitive
  • Gregarious, Persuasive, Charming, Convinced, Enthusiastic, Inspiring
  • Spontaneous, Restless, Outgoing, Steady
  • Orderly, Analytical, Systematic, Neat